Monday, June 27, 2011

Brady and Melissa Beckstead: A Heart full of Love

I have known Brady and Melissa for several years now. We met, as I meet so many people in my life, in theatre. I met Brady while performing in RENT with a local theatre company and met Melissa soon after. We have been friends ever since and were even invited to their wedding. I am so thrilled to be photographing their journey of welcoming their first child, Ella. 

Unfortunately, they found out that Baby Ella has a rare heart condition, HLHS. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Essentially, Ella will be born without the left side of her heart. Brady and Melissa have been so inspiring with their strength and positivity. Ella will have to go through one open-heart surgery immediately after she is born and at least two more by the time she is three years old. Brady and Melissa will move to LA for three months to be close to Children's Hospital.  

Their family is putting on a fundraiser to help with the astronomical costs of living expenses and hospital bills. Below is the flyer will all of the information. Tickets are available for $30 on You can also donate directly through any Rabobank Branch into the Ella Beckstead Benefit Fund. 

I have been so honored to be part of this special family's life and cannot wait to meet Baby Ella!

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